Cheap SEO Packages from Wildshark

Are you looking for a cheap SEO service while ensuring quality? Then look no further, you finally found us. Our affordable SEO packages will keep you coming back month after month when you see exactly what we can do to positively increase your rankings and brand awareness.

We may provide cheap SEO packages but we never compromise on quality

Let’s face it – the SEO industry does not have the best reputation due to so-called SEO agencies offering a cheap SEO service and all they do is take your money and build low quality spammy links. We have businesses calling us up on a daily basis saying that they had someone working on their SEO but after the latest Google updates (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird) their rankings took a massive nose dive and they are nowhere to be seen. That is because your previous agency did not do the job right. If they did then your rankings would never have vanished. The actual search engine guidelines have not changed that much in many years. What has changed is Google has just got a lot better (through the many updates) at establishing who the sites are that do not conform to their guidelines.

We are SEO professionals

Wildshark was established by two highly respected SEO professionals with years of experience in securing top rankings for some of the toughest keywords around. Our aim is to build some trust back in to the SEO industry by providing a first class service that not only achieves top rankings but does not cost the earth.

Proven track record of securing top rankings

Wildshark provides set SEO packages with the sole purpose of getting your site ranked at the top of the major search engines; nothing more and nothing less. Our methods and techniques rank you on the first page of Google whilst following all the latest guidelines, we can assure you of that. We are so sure of this that we used the exact same method to rank our own website and we are ranked at the top of Google for hundreds of highly competitive phrases including ‘cheap SEO’, ‘affordable SEO’ and ‘SEO packages’.

UK office based SEO team

Our aim is to rank you for those main “money” keywords, divert as much traffic to your website and inevitably future proof your business for its remaining years. Our UK based in-house SEO experts have helped hundreds of small businesses over the years; securing top rankings, increase brand awareness and build up their social exposure so take a look at our cheap SEO packages above as we are sure one of them will match your requirements.

When it comes to SEO techniques
“Don’t do what works today but do what will still work tomorrow.”

We don’t build links – we boost your authority

If you have taken a look at a lot of other cheap SEO companies you will notice that there is a pattern where they state how many links you will receive in each of their packages. Here at Wildshark we are very different and do not build links but fully optimise your website, generate brand awareness and ensure we boost the authority of your website which in-turn gets your website ranked. You can read our methodology further by reading this detailed article we have written titled ‘How To Get Ranked On Google‘. We will never play around with the future of your rankings.

Why your business needs an organic listing compared to using pay per click.

“Three times more people click on the organic listings than the paid (adwords) listings”

What our customers think!

“Mark and the team have been professional, helpful and great at successfully pushing our website to number 1 on Google searches. Big thank you for such speedy effective work.” – A List Lookalikes

“We are extremely pleased with the results we have seen so far. Over the past month we have seen an increase of 540% on impressions and 120% on clicks on Google (according to webmaster tools). We are literally over the moon with this and couldn’t recommend anyone better for the job” – Bath Bomb Cove

“I’ve tried multiple methods to increase visitors to our hotel in Blackpool, all of which had failed until i contacted Wildshark. They have been a great asset in helping my business escalate, upon letting Wildshark take over i have just had one of my best years ever our hotel was packed!. I would recommend them to anybody trying to expand a business, new or old, and just watch how much it improves.” – Wellington Hotel Blackpool

“I found Wildshark to be an extremely cheap SEO company who defnitely prove results. The team at Wildshark were very helpful, knowledgeable and regularly in contact with me throughout the project. What astounded me the most is that Wildshark managed to achieve first page Google ranking for my preferred keyword phrase in just three months – exactly the timescale they quoted me at the beginning of the project. I would highly recommend Wildshark to any small to medium size business looking to increase search engine rankings for competitive keyword phrases. Let me be the first to tell you, i could not be any happier with what i’ve seen so far, and i will continue to use their affordable services because they do such a great job.” – Your Next Remedy